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Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice

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Where Early Childhood Research, Policy, and Practice Intersect

Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice Linking Early Care and Education to K-12 Education Reform Improving Policy Literacy for ECE Professionals Promoting the Well-being of the Next Generation Highlighting Critical Early Childhood Policy Issues Advancing the Missions and Goals of Organizations

High-quality early care and education (ECE) is vital to school readiness, improved academic performance, higher school completion rates, and greater earning power. ECE PolicyWorks is a consulting firm that links early childhood research, policy, and practice, laying the foundation for healthy, successful, productive citizens.


Defending Childhood: The Heat is On


ECE Policy MattersI left the country for a week and a half and all hell broke loose. Robert Pondiscio took to the "Common Core Watch," the bully pulpit for the conservative Fordham Institute, and asked if the blessed academic standards were too hard for kindergarten. Little did he know the wrath he would incur among those who know better . . . [read article]


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Book Talk


My book, Squandering America's Future (Teachers College Press, 2015), is now in production. It's been a long gestation, and I'm looking forward to sharing this new baby with you! While we're waiting, I'll still be posting gems I find in the field. I love to hear your voices. Please join the conversation at my Blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Why ECE Policy Matters

"Every child carries in his inherited make-up many qualities. Which ones are to predominate in his future life will depend largely on his surroundings--the food and care he gets, the persons he learns to imitate, the ideals and standards of his home . . . Immediately he begins to learn by his experiences. From the hour of birth he learns from everything around him." - Infant Care, Children's Bureau Publication No. 8, 1935

  NYCAEYC Conference
Brooklyn, NY
February 28, 2015
  Families and the Future
of Social Policy

New America
Washington, DC

March 5, 2015
  Family Child Care Association of NYS Conference
Callicoon, NY
March 20 to 21, 2015
  Higher Ground-Taking Quality to Scale
BUILD Initiative
National Harbor, MD

July 15 to 17, 2015
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