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Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice

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Where Early Childhood Research, Policy, and Practice Intersect

Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice Linking Early Care and Education to K-12 Education Reform Improving Policy Literacy for ECE Professionals Promoting the Well-being of the Next Generation Highlighting Critical Early Childhood Policy Issues Advancing the Missions and Goals of Organizations

High-quality early care and education (ECE) is vital to school readiness, improved academic performance, higher school completion rates, and greater earning power. ECE PolicyWorks is a consulting firm that links early childhood research, policy, and practice, laying the foundation for healthy, successful, productive citizens.


The Place of Wonderful Ideas


ECE Policy Matters—The tropes of education reform—critical thinking skills, collaboration, innovation—find their true home in early childhood. Our youngest students are natural creators, seekers of novel solutions, generating insight, or "wonderful ideas," in the words of Eleanor Duckworth. But ECE's merge with the K-12 system, where standards-based accountability reigns, is stifling this impulse.


Susan Ochshorn's Posts on the Subject

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Bill de Blasio’s Bold Experiment

Susan Ochshorn weighs in on Bill de Blasio’s preschool initiative in “Planning for Pre-K Perfection” at the New America Foundation’s Weekly Wonk ... [read article]

A Conversation about Design Thinking, Social Change & Empathy

Join Susan Ochshorn on 9.23 in NYC at the Impact Hub for a conversation about Design Thinking, Social Change & Empathy
... [register here]

Why ECE Policy Matters

As I'm working on my book (Teachers College Press, 2015), I'm constantly crossing bridges between research, policy, and practice. In this space, look for gems I find in the field:

"The imaginative play that we so early abandon, the attention to children's nascent friendships, these are . . . the precursors of what Piaget called intellectual 'decentering,' . . . the ability to imagine the world without oneself at its center. As we stint on one, we injure the other. As we eliminate from our schools and from our children's after-school lives the time and space for exercising their creative imagination and building personal ties, we've cheated our children and our society in a far more critical way than we're inclined to understand." - Deborah Meier, The Power of Their Ideas

  A Conversation about Design Thinking, Social Change & Empathy
New York City
September 23, 2014
  Families & Flexibility: Reshaping the Workplace for the 21st Century
A Better Balance Forum
New York City

September 29, 2014
  Early Childhood Research and Evaluation Conference
Ypsilanti, MI
October 10, 2014
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