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Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice

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Where Early Childhood Research, Policy, and Practice Intersect

Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice Linking Early Care and Education to K-12 Education Reform Improving Policy Literacy for ECE Professionals Promoting the Well-being of the Next Generation Highlighting Critical Early Childhood Policy Issues Advancing the Missions and Goals of Organizations

High-quality early care and education (ECE) is vital to school readiness, improved academic performance, higher school completion rates, and greater earning power. ECE PolicyWorks is a consulting firm that links early childhood research, policy, and practice, laying the foundation for healthy, successful, productive citizens.


Bill de Blasio's Pre-K Expansion: A Model for Other Cities?


ECE Policy Matters—Universal prekindergarten is a hot topic these days, stirring up big emotions. Do we target scarce resources to those children most in need? Or do we make preschool available to all? This policy debate has been long-standing, and vociferous. Now all eyes are on New York City, and the panic is palpable. What happens if we fail? We need a big win with impeccable implementation and outcomes, the naysayers warn. But where's the long view? ... [read article]


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Why ECE Policy Matters

As I'm moving into the home stretch of my book (Teachers College Press, 2015), I'm constantly crossing bridges between research, policy, and practice. In this space, look for gems I find in the field:

"How can we structure education to encourage the active participation of students of color, and, for that matter, of all students? How can we improve the education of the ‘minority' children who are likely to soon comprise the majority of children in our public schools? How can we lessen the ‘modern prejudice' that pervades our society, alienating and disempowering large segments of our population? I believe a reconceptualization of how we structure teacher education may provide the beginnings of a solution for all these issues." - Lisa Delpit, Other People's Children

  Growing Healthy Readers
Reach Out and Read
New York City

October 30, 2014
  Making Excellent Teachers
Bank Street College of Education
New York City

November 3, 2014
  Delivering on the Promise of Early Learning
NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo
Dallas, TX

November 5 to 8, 2014
  Defending the Early Years Annual Organizing Meeting
NAEYC Conference
Dallas, TX

November 7, 2014
  ChildCare 2020 Conference
Research, Evidence and Policy: Mobilizing Knowledge
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

November 13 to 15, 2014
  92/Y Wonderplay Conference
The Power of the Teacher-Child Relationship
New York City

November 14 to 15, 2014
  Imagination in the Creation of Human Relationships Descriptive Review Conference
Mission Hill School
Boston, MA

November 22, 2014
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