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New York State’s Crisis in Early Education – Teachers Speak Out

As experience teaches us, we can’t ignore the forces of realpolitik and the torturously slow time line of making change. In New York, childhood and early learning are in crisis. Teachers of young children and other advocates for the whole child have been screaming this from the rooftops. Is anyone listening?

From our letter to NY’s top education policymakers, inspired by Peter Rawitsch, to our #LetKidsBKids Thunderclap, we have continued to make a strong case for scrapping the PreK-2nd grade standards. In this video—footage edited by Bianca Tanis for a forthcoming documentary—early educators speak straight from the heart about how children learn, the critical importance of play, and the challenges they face today.

Squandering America’s Future

by Susan Ochshorn
Squandering America's Future by Susan OchshornDiane Ravitch called Susan Ochshorn “a tireless advocate for children,” and her writing “brilliant.” In Squandering America’s Future – Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children (Teachers College Press), Ochshorn offers a pioneering guide to the big issues in contemporary early childhood policy. Written in a lively, personal style, the book drives home the importance of the earliest years for developing human capital—the nation’s future. Her “policy tales” highlight the abject failure of the United States to support parents and early educators, the nation’s real wealth producers, and will inspire a new generation of leadership. With her 360-degree view on this urgent issue, Ochshorn boldly and clearly shows how early care and education is an issue of social justice and helping America compete on the world stage. Learn More →

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